01202 250471 Mr Rob Phillips, Hon Treasurer, Chesthelp, 18 Stourwood Road, Bournemouth BH6 3QP.

Who are we?

CHESTHELP BOURNEMOUTH is a local Registered Charity founded in 1947 to help disadvantaged patients suffering from tuberculosis (TB) and other diseases of the Chest.


Why are we needed?

Contrary to popular belief, TB has not gone away and is currently on the increase in the UK – the Specialist TB Unit based at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital still deals with many cases each year. Patients with TB may be unable to work for lengthy periods due to their illness. Some are homeless and need help after accommodation is found for them. Some patients are not eligible for state benefits.

Where do we operate?

We help patients who live in the BH postal area.

Who do we help?

Patients mainly with TB, but also COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), who are struggling to cope with the financial problems caused by their illness and who have been referred to Doctors, Consultants or Specialist Nurses at the Thoracic Units of the Royal Bournemouth and Poole Hospitals.

How do we help?

We pay for deliveries of milk, eggs, butter, cheese and fruit juice – nutrition that is essential for a TB patient’s recovery. We can also provide a winter heating allowance and help with the cost of telephone rental for professional contact where appropriate.

Occasionally, special provision is made, according to the individual need of the patient.

How are these payments made?

In most cases, directly to the dairy, energy or phone company.

How long do you support the patient?

Wherever possible for the length of the treatment, usually six months, but not generally longer than a year.

How else do you help?

We can pay for taxis from Night Shelters to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, where homeless patients can be screened for TB. We have donated nebulisers to the Thoracic department at RBH for use by elderly patients suffering from COPD and to help with TB education programmes, we have purchased training equipment.